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InfoSys Corp. is a manufacturer providing full process of manufacturing functions from proto design to finished good production of electronics and industrial ceramic products.

And the company provides OEM manufacturing not limited to its own products, with the well-customed engineering capabilities accompanied by the requirements for new product/process launch per customer's specification.

In addition to OEM manufacturing, it performs the products search and the market survey over the wide range of related manufacturing and/or sales resources, and interacts the import/export business upto the industrial materials/products and consumer products as well.


HQ / Sales Office


LED Displays & Delay Lines Manufacturing

OEM Manufacturing 

Seoul, Korea 

Siheung-si, Kyeonggi-do, Korea

Gunpo-si, Kyeonggi-do, Korea
Nanjing, Mainland China

Sungnam-si, Kyeonggi-do, Korea
Uiwang-si, Kyeonggi-do, Korea
Tenjin, Mainland China


Dec. 14, 1995 


As particular strengths of
InfoSys Corp., the specialized manufacturing resourses and experiences offer its customers proactive project management and complete support, starting with the planning and to the production of final product.
These enable to provide customers with the best QCD products, and it is the management policy of InfoSys Corp..


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